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We have a powerful membership program that allows us to work deeply with businesses to provide the ongoing training so they can really excel in their industries. Our first chapter is our Raleigh, NC Chapter and we will be expanding throughout to include Fayetteville, NC, Atlanta, Washington DC, Seattle, Chicago and other cities across the nation and international chapters are to come.

Here are our Members and their incredible businesses:

DoriStaehle_218x259pxDori Staehle knows all about starting over and bouncing back. After being derailed by a freak accident, Dori rose up from the ashes and started her third business, Rock the Next Stage, with only $40. She later wrote a book called Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula, which helps creative types and entrepreneurs and hit #1 on Amazon.

Dori holds a BA in French and German, an MBA in finance, and has done graduate and post-graduate work in gifted education and gifted psychology. Dori also holds certificates in drum therapy, therapeutic drumming, and Christian counseling. She is considered an expert in creativity, entrepreneurship, and ADHD, and is an experienced and energetic motivational speaker. Dori has 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, including 15 in the music business.

Her goal is to help kids and adults get unstuck and rock the next stage of their business, career, or life. Dori offers ADHD coaching, business coaching, and success coaching. Coaching can be offered in person (in the Raleigh, NC area) or virtually and can be combined with drum therapy or drum healing. In her spare time, Dori plays percussion with the rockin’ band at New Horizons Fellowship in Apex, NC and books local bands and solo artists.

SheylaBlackman_224x318pxSheyla Blackman, a native North Carolinian, began her successful career in 1981 and has spent over thirty-five years providing consulting services to the US federal government. She started at the bottom, worked with a few companies and eventually worked her way up to become an Associate Partner with the most prestige consulting firm in the world before leaving and starting her own businesses.Sheyla came from a family of eight children so feeling lost and unnoticed was a given. She was told that she wasn’t pretty enough or that she didn’t have what it took to achieve her dreams. The negative words that were spoken to her caused her to have very low self-esteem. The only positive thing that she remembers hearing when she was growing up was that she was so smart. She held on to that with all that she had. She worked hard in school, graduated with honors and left NC to pursue her dreams in IT. Sheyla used the negative words to prove that she was more than that. Sheyla has won federal contracts that exceed $250M in value and does not allow anyone to tell her she is not capable of succeeding.

Sheyla learned how to move beyond the negative words and emotions that she grew up with and has a passion to help other women do the same. Applying the knowledge and skills that she has gained from working with some of the best minds in business, Sheyla is helping woman achieve amazing dreams.
A lover of God and travel, Sheyla is also the mother of three very successful children and the grandmother of one.

President and CEO ITMC Solutions, LLC/Government Contractor Coach, LLC



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